Why did we create aPlus+ Revive?

To give the choice of a complete retention solution that's ready to go.

Cobek’s path to aPlus+ Revive

Higher education institutes are recording increasing volumes of student achievement and engagement information. Cobek's own software tracks student achievement and attendance, and there are many systems that capture a variety of achievement point data. There are also assessments completed prior to enrolment that provide information about students.

The relatively recent focus on student retention rates have resulted in institutes asking more questions about student performance. There is a need to know which students to focus limited intervention resources on, and which courses to ask prudent business questions about. Technology should be making it easy to answer these kinds of questions, however software at higher education institutes often does not help, resulting in a lack of knowledge for key stakeholders and a more fundamental question being asked - how to get the required information.

aPlus+ Analytics, a step in the right direction

Cobek’s first step to help institutes in this area was our aPlus+ Analytics module for aPlus+ Assessment and Results. We observed that there was a wealth of information that our customers were capturing over many years but that there was no easy way to learn from this information other than what would be expected from existing reports which were designed to meet operational requirements but did not support data exploration. We created aPlus+ Analytics to provide visual information summaries at the institute, department, qualification and course so that stakeholders can access that information easily, where they need it. aPlus+ Analytics also provides a visual report designer for power users to query information in new and interesting ways. By allowing a variety of stakeholders, ranging from faculty management and administration staff to teaching staff, to view the information that is important to them, they can start to ask the ‘why’ questions that are so valuable. At cobek.com there is more information about aPlus+ Anayltics.

Actionable information

Many higher education institutes were talking about upcoming business intelligence system implementations - their aim to provide institute-wide performance information. The business intelligence process requires an understanding of what you want the outcome to be before you start to build, and that understanding requires a significant investment to start with. With the lengthy implementation timeframes, high build costs and limited resources, proceeding with these implementations is not straight forward. BI implementations often don't give the desired outcomes on the first or even second attempt. Some institutes are in a better position than others to engage in such BI projects. 

We asked ourselves what we could do to help our customers - both those who were not resourced enough to consider BI implementations and those who were but would benefit from an easier option that answered more questions, sooner. 

aPlus+ Revive

Using our experience in higher education and of student achievement and attendance tracking, and with an understanding that higher education institutes run a variety of systems and have differing ideas of what is important, we designed a software framework that enabled student risk and achievement information to be normalized and loaded from any available data sources. Combining this information with rules that could be configured to suit the needs of individual institutes, we could provide actionable information as soon as it was possible to identify students, courses and programmes that showed signs of needing intervention action. In addition, aPlus+ Revive helps an institute to manage student intervention action, and records evidence of action taken to help students succeed. Ultimately making a difference as soon as possible.

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