aPlus+ Revive: Student retention platform

aPlus+ Revive unifies your student risk and achievement information to provide a complete turn-key student retention management platform

You already have the data. But is it accessible?

aPlus+ Revive connects with the student data you already have - stored in your student information system, e-learning system and other data sources, to provide a complete picture of student risk and achievement that is otherwise difficult to obtain. aPlus+ Revive makes this information actionable by providing a complete platform to analyse and manage intervention action. aPlus+ Revive enables you to make student retention an issue for every day and not just course completion rates that are discovered at the end of the academic year when it's too late to make a difference.

Picture student success across your institute

  • aPlus+ Revive paints a picture of student achievement and risk across your entire student population
  • Visualize the spread of risk across your departments, qualifications and courses
  • Drill down from dashboards through to the individual courses and students of concern

Focus your intervention

  • aPlus+ Revive continuously evaluates student risk and performance information to identify which students need your help more than others
  • Every student matters. With aPlus+ Revive you automatically appraise each student across your entire student population
  • You decide what kinds of risk are important to you with aPlus+ Revive's highly configurable student risk evaluation framework

Case management through to resolution

  • aPlus+ Revive provides you with a comprehensive framework to manage intervention action
  • You decide who takes action, the workflow, and how much information you want to track
  • Audit trails help you to know what intervention action has been taking place and the degree of success

Collaborate and eliminate duplication of support efforts

  • Teaching, intervention and management staff can all access the same information.
  • Keep your teaching staff in the loop and involve them in the intervention process
  • Give your teaching staff more information about the students at risk in their courses

Connects your data, supports your changing environment

  • aPlus+ Revive makes it easy to load achievement and risk information from your existing systems (financial, academic, e-learning etc.)
  • Load any risk and achievement information that you believe is useful
  • As your environment changes, incorporating additional data sources into your overall risk identification processes is easy.

Focus your investment on intervention, not building technology

  • With aPlus+ Revive, you can avoid the costly and time consuming process of creating a custom business intelligence solution
  • aPlus+ Revive can be deployed quickly, does not require a significant up-front investment and gives you a relatively quick ROI
  • Benefit from the ongoing development of aPlus+ Revive

A specialist student retention platform

  • Your student information system can't be expected to do everything well - student retention requires speciailist software
  • aPlus+ Revive gives you the choice of a specialist student retention solution that's designed to work with the systems that you already have
  • Student information system vendors may provide enough to 'tick the box' but do they really help you to make a difference?
  • Avoid the high cost and limited benefits of custom reports and BI systems and benefit from a complete student retention platform
  • We're an independent software vendor focused on student achievement solutions
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aPlus+ Revive™ is a specialist, independent student retention platform for Universities, Polytechnics and Private Training Institutes.
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