Key features

Retention framework features

  • You're in control
    You determine how student achievement affects the flagging of students experiencing difficulty, and how this combines with student risk profiles to open issues that require action.
  • Open and accessible
    aPlus+ Revive has an open architecture, enabling your technical staff to access and adjust the underlying rules engine that affect which students are brought to your attention.
  • Customisable logic
    Within the framework the logic used to flag students and open issues is highly customisable.
  • API for extendability
    In situations where the existing flexibility is not enough, there is an API to allow further customisation.

Integration features

  • Easy SIS integration
    aPlus+ Revive connects easily to sql based student information systems through an open SIS connector. aPlus+ Revive knows your courses and students and has up to date information for when staff need it.
  • Risk and achievement data connector
    aPlus+ Revive has an open risk and achievement data connector that provides a standardized way to load student risk and achievement indicators from a variety of data sources.

Automation features

  • Ongoing monitoring
    The performance of all students is reviewed automatically on an ongoing basis (usually daily).
  • Automatic flagging
    Students with the low performance indicators are flagged automatically, with the poor performance categorised and weighted according to severity.
  • Automatic alerts
    Alerts are raised for students matching selected risk profiles and performance flags.
  • Automatic closing
    Flags and issues are closed automatically when the poor performance is no longer relevant.

Transparency features

  • Dashboards
    On one screen view a picture of all the important information you need to know - overall, or just within one faculty, qualification or course.
  • Visibility
    All staff with access to aPlus+ Revive can view relevant information. Keep staff in the loop and share important retention information.

Case management features

  • Flexible workflow
    You determine how you manage issue resolution and a simple and customizable workflow options allow you to track what you do. You are not forced to a predefined workflow, you determine it.
  • Flexible staff structure
    Issues can be assigned to individual staff, teams or departments; you decide how your people are organised. 
  • Information capture
    Case notes and other comments can easily be entered against students and their issues.
  • Manual alerts
    Teaching staff can easily raise alerts for students in their courses
  • Audit trails
    Audit trails to help you know what interaction has (or has not) occurred when you need to know.

User interface features

  • Web based
    aPlus+ Revive runs in all modern web browsers to allow for easy on-site and remote access.
  • Staff friendly
    The user interface of aPlus+ Revive looks good and is easy to use.
  • Logical structure
    Staff find students and courses using an intuitive structure that is familiar and easy to understand.

Application features

  • User management
    Manage your users easily from within aPlus+ Revive with authentication handled either by aPlus+ Revive or through a directory protocol such as LDAP.
  • Access control
    You control the level of access each staff member has.
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