How does aPlus+ Revive compare?

aPlus+ Revive is different

With Revive, you benefit from technology that's ready to go. You avoid the time and expense of building your own solution that is difficult to maintain and slow to evolve. We've done the hard work of integrating risk information of different kinds from various sources, so that all you need to do is provide the data sources, aPlus+ Revive does the rest, and goes way beyond reports by providing a complete solution for managing retention.

What are the other approaches to managing student retention?

Student retention management without automation

Without a solution in place, institutes must use ad-hoc reporting and tutor input to try and identify students who may need assistance, and to pass lists of students to student support staff to take action without a consistent approach to track the outcome. This approach typically involves creating relatively simple reports that try to identify 'at risk' students that take limited inputs and risk information, and fundamentally separates the identification of at risk students and the action taking process. The processes are not transparent making it difficult for staff to feel they have a stake in the process. The main benefit of this approach is the relatively low investment of existing resources.

Custom 'Business Intelligence' (BI) student retention solution

Building a custom BI solution can produce significant actionable insights. However traditional BI solutions require a significant up-front investment of time, resources and cost. When ready, a BI solution remains static unless maintained. Often the first build of a BI solution does not yield what is required in terms of actionable information and two or three iterations are required to get the solution to where it needs to be. aPlus+ Revive is quick to deploy, is actively developed and the software license provides a quicker ROI with investment spread over the life time of the system rather than a large up-front cost. 

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