How aPlus+ Revive works

Continuous integration and monitoring

aPlus+ Revive integrates easily and seamlessly with your student information system and other data sources to have accurate student and enrolment information, and to continuously load student risk and achievement information from any accessible source. You may have important risk information collected from your enrolment forms, in your e-learning system or from pre-enrolment tests; All this information can be loaded into aPlus+ Revive.

Continuous risk evaluation and elevation

aPlus+ Revive monitors and appraises the risk and performance of each student continuously to determine:

  • Are there any indications that this student may need help?
  • Does the evidence require intervention action to be taken now?

You decide if certain groups of students are at higher risk than others and what constitutes poor performance.

Dashboards paint the retention picture

Dashboards give you high level visual information so that you can easily understand student success across your institute, and drill down to individual departments, qualifications and courses. Insitute management see the full picture, but your department staff need only see the information pertaining to their department.

Click through from the dashboard to access the individual student information to find out more about the problem and to take action.

A complete intervention management framework

aPlus+ Revive provides a complete platform for tracking the process of monitoring intervention action. When your staff track their efforts, aPlus+ Revive can enable all of your people to collaborate, stay involved and become a part of the student retention process. You can also provide evidence of the action that you are taking and undestand the degree of success and monitor this over time.

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